The Phoenix (Late Post)

Get up! Won’t you?
Even though anxieties gnaw
Ceaselessly at the frayed ends of your sanity
And you’re down on your knees.
Forge on! Won’t you?
Even though roots grow deep down
From your feet and fetter you to the
Darkness of thoughts your own.
Hold on! Won’t you?
Even if your mind is but a sliver away
From caving under the weight of
Your own insecurities.
The warm comfort of inaction
Takes you in, leaves you soothed; relieved
Of responsibilities of tough choices.
Make that choice, won’t you?
Change, move, rise again
From the sizzling ashes of your being.

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Writer. Thinks like noodles. Ruskin Bond, Tolkien, Naruto. Child of Chaos. Budding sketcher. Be cat.

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