Hello, readers! Thank you for dropping by 🙂 My blog features a new writing theme every month. This June I'm exploring haikus. Stay tuned! You'll find fresh posts here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 🙂 I also post book reviews on Sundays; you can find them in the menu above. Go on - read something!

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Travelogue: Saudade

Yet another month has gone by, and the pandemic remains our reality. For the past year, on and off, every single one of us has struggled in their own way to make peace with the new world order. Travelling has become, unfortunately, a risky move. As I end the month of May – the month... Continue Reading →

Travelogue: An Evening of Dreams

My tiredness notwithstanding, this evening was beginning to reveal its resplendence in breadcrumbs. After an exhausting day of driving on highways, my husband and I reached our hotel room in Udaipur early evening and began to wind down. I could hear my blood pulsing in my head, which was already spinning from exhaustion. My eyelids... Continue Reading →

Travelogue: Speaking of Heavenly Blues

Blue, more than a colour, is a mood, a melody, the lingering note of a saxophone, sky and larkspurs; yet, miles, miles away on a remote island in Maldives, blue is…blue. Sitting on the deck in my suite, my gaze was riding the gentle, lapping waves of our serene lagoon. Sunshine sparkled and slipped on... Continue Reading →

Travelogue: Insignificance

What I saw through the window of the plane that morning was a pristine miracle... The Himalayas dominated the skies to my right as the rickety, ramshackle Beechcraft shuddered and squawked, fighting with air that wasn’t there at that height. Our airplane was a mere fly seen against the sheer scale of the topography of... Continue Reading →

Travelogue: The Ocean of Twilit Depths

‘Susegad’ – the perpetual Goan mood. Isn’t this what we go there for? Pepperoni and beer, fish and feni; sundry items spread out on a beach mat, the sound of waves and the feeling of skin burning – I was set for my very straightforward, stereotypical vacation to Goa. As my flight touched Goan lands,... Continue Reading →

Travelogue: My Wild Sunrise

The sunrise that made me look to the west. Oh, what a sight to see. Earlier in January this year, I took a short trip into the jungles. 2020 had been a…bummer, to say the least, and my thoughts sought an escapade from my mind (which had been in overdrive for quite some time). One... Continue Reading →

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